Interim Profis

Interim managers are deployed whenever your company needs someone who is able to quickly, competently and reliably fill a vacant position. The reasons for deploying an interim manager are diverse:

  • temporary vacancy
  • (partly) restructuring
  • temporary assistance for important projects


Our interim managers are real managers who have a longstanding experience to draw upon. With this experience, they are able to grasp the current issue or topic immediately and start to solve problems in a solution-oriented and efficient way – without any initial training.


You can expect the following advantages:



During an ongoing production or project, vacant positions have to be staffed as fast as possible. Our interim managers are able to start working for your company within 48 hours.



Fairness is important to us. For everyone involved. With this mind we have developed a staggered commission model that positively differs from other companies in the marketplace.



No risk to you : With the day-to-day settlement and the daily option to cancel, our interim managers work for you for exactly how long as you need them.

Pricing model

Fairness and transparency – in our pricing

Our staggered commission model distinguishes us from all other agencies. Your advantage: Our commission decreases continuously in the course of the project and after 200 project days, no more commission is payable.

Another advantage that you get only from us: If you are satisfied with the work of an interim manager and decide to employ them, the commission already paid will be credited against the Finders Fee at 100 %. After all, our work is done when your problem has been solved. Thus, all parties are satisfied – the client, the manager and the interim agency.

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